An insight into current concepts and techniques in resin bonding to high strength ceramics

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Reliable bonding between high strength ceramics and resin composite cement is difficult to achieve because of their chemical inertness and lack of silica content. The aim of this review was to assess the current literature describing methods for resin bonding to ceramics with high flexural strength such as glass-infiltrated alumina and zirconia, densely sintered alumina and yttria-partially stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline ceramic (Y-TZP) with respect to bond strength and bond durability.


Suitable peer reviewed publications in the English language were identified through searches performed in PubMed, Google Search and handsearches. The keywords or phrases used were ‘resin-ceramic bond’, ‘silane coupling agents’, ‘air particle abrasion’, ‘zirconia ceramic’ and ‘resin composite cements’. Studies from January 1989 to June 2015 were included.


The literature demonstrated that there are multiple techniques available for surface treatments but bond strength testing under different investigations have produced conflicting results.


Within the scope of this review, there is no evidence to support a universal technique of ceramic surface treatment for adhesive cementation. A combination of chemical and mechanical treatments might be the recommended solution. The hydrolytic stability of the resin ceramic bond should be enhanced.

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