Genital psoriasis among Indians: A prospective cross-sectional study

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There are limited epidemiological data on genital involvement in psoriasis. In this prospective study, 852 psoriasis patients were screened of whom 100 had genital psoriasis lesions, with a prevalence rate of 11.7%. The mean duration of genital involvement was 19.3 ± 40.9 months. In 4% of the patients, genital psoriasis was the initial presentation of disease. The commonest site of genital involvement was the scrotum followed by glans and labia, corona and prepuce. There was no significant correlation between the severity of genital involvement and overall disease severity and body mass index. Morphologically, the commonest presentation was erythematous scaly plaques followed by thin non-scaly plaques and certain rare patterns such as pseudo-candidal balanitis, pseudo-circinate balanitis, annular psoriasis and pustular psoriasis.

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