The Sustained-Exposure Dexamethasone Formulation OTO-104 Offers Effective Protection against Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss

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The otoprotective effects of OTO-104 were investigated following both acute and chronic administration of cisplatin. The acute administration of cisplatin to guinea pigs resulted in profound hearing loss (70-80 dB SPL) across all frequencies tested. A single intratympanic injection of 6% OTO-104, but not of lower doses, almost completely protected against cisplatin ototoxicity. In contrast, a dexamethasone solution administered under the same experimental conditions offered no otoprotection. OTO-104 was also very effective in protecting against the progressive hearing loss observed with the chronic administration of cisplatin (3 injections at a weekly interval). The otoprotection was found to be dependent upon the activation of dexamethasone-dependent classical nuclear receptor pathways.

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