The Occupational Performance History Interview in community mental health case management: Consumer and occupational therapist perspectives

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Background/aimThis study aimed to explore the use of the Occupational Performance History Interview from the perspectives of mental health consumers and occupational therapist case managers in community mental health settings.MethodsThis qualitative study, based on naturalistic inquiry, involved 10 participants: four occupational therapists who interviewed six mental health consumers, using the Occupational Performance History Interview. All participants participated in follow-up interviews or in focus groups to gain an understanding of their perspectives of this experience. Transcribed data were analysed using the constant comparative method.ResultsConsumer participants valued telling their occupational stories. Occupational therapist participants described the interview as supporting them to be more occupationally focused within their case management roles.ConclusionThe findings suggest that the Occupational Performance History Interview can potentially enhance client-centred and occupationally focused practice in community mental health case management.

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