The association between leisure motivation and recovery: A pilot study

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Background and aims

Recovery from mental illness may be facilitated by participation in activities that provide meaning and purpose in the lives of consumers. Leisure participation can be a major source of enjoyment as well as mental and physical well-being.

Methods and results

This study examined the association between consumers' motivation to engage in leisure and their self-reported perception of recovery in a sample of 44 Clubhouse members. The Leisure Motivation Scale and the Recovery Assessment Scale were used to measure the association between leisure motivation and recovery. The results indicated a statistically significant association between leisure motivation and recovery.


These findings have implications for service delivery within mental health settings, as occupational therapists may be able to design leisure-based programs more effectively if they can understand the needs and motives for participation. More emphasis should be placed on supporting consumers to re-integrate and be socially included within the community through leisure-based initiatives.

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