Fine motor difficulties: The need for advocating for the role of occupational therapy in schools

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Fine motor difficulties can impact on the academic, social and emotional development of a student.


The aims of this paper are to: (i) investigate the need for support to students experiencing fine motor difficulties from the perspective of their classroom teachers, and (ii) report on the level of knowledge teachers have in regard to the role of occupational therapists in supporting students with fine motor difficulties.


Fifteen teachers from a stratified random sample of public schools within two regions of Victoria, Australia, were interviewed in this qualitative, grounded theory investigation.


Results showed that the current level of support for students with fine motor difficulties is inadequate.


Occupational therapists in Victoria need to advocate their role in developing the fine motor skills of students at both an organisational and an individual level in order to increase the access of students with fine motor difficulties to occupational therapy services.

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