Robotic smart house to assist people with movement disabilities

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This paper introduces a new robotic smart house, Intelligent Sweet Home, developed at KAIST in Korea, which is based on several robotic agents and aims at testing advanced concepts for independent living of the elderly and people with disabilities. The work focuses on technical solutions for human-friendly assistance in motion/mobility and advanced human-machine interfaces that provide simple control of all assistive robotic systems and home-installed appliances. The smart house concept includes an intelligent bed, intelligent wheelchair, and robotic hoist for effortless transfer of the user between bed and wheelchair. The design solutions comply with most of the users' requirements and suggestions collected by a special questionnaire survey of people with disabilities. The smart house responds to the user's commands as well as to the recognized intentions of the user. Various interfaces, based on hand gestures, voice, body movement, and posture, have been studied and tested. The paper describes the overall system structure and explains the design and functionality of some main system components.

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