New radiological typing system for rhinosinusitis and comparison with existing system: Initial finding

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The objective of this study was to determine whether the proposed Malan radiological sinusitis typing (RST) system facilitated a level of agreement and ease of use comparable with the Lund–Mackay (LM) system for chronic rhinosinusitis. Ten observers (one otolaryngologist and nine radiologists), in two separate centres (regional and tertiary), blinded to all clinical data, used these two systems to independently and randomly score and type 15 sets of scans, recording the time to score each film. Using unweighted kappa scores, both methods facilitated a moderate level of agreement, slightly better with the LM system. The Malan system is more time efficient. Preliminarily, this study shows that the Malan RST system is easy to apply with a comparable level of agreement. The Malan RST system is a focused attempt at classifying disease extent radiologically and correlating it to a surgical approach. It emphasizes that scoring systems are vulnerable and proves to be superior to the LM system as a surgical planning tool. To score sinus disease, a Quality-of-Life questionnaire in association with this typing method is more appropriate.

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