Management of behavioral symptoms of dementia
Promoting physical activity among older people
Time use and role participation of people over 65
Personality and exercise activity as predictors of problem solving in older people
The Home Independence Program controlled trial – final results
Promoting elders independence – the implementation of a volunteer program in a rural aged care facility
Ageing Japanese
The Volunteering in Palliative Residential Aged Care Project
Maximising participation of frail older people in research
Do older people prefer residential aged care near where they live? Testing an assumption in residential aged care planning policy
Older people's narrative of adapting to change in occupational participation
Managing change in the residential aged care sector
Homeshare – the way of the future
What do nursing students do in residential aged care?
Evaluating Snoezelen Therapy as a means of increasing family members' sense of involvement in residents care in a dementia specific high care nursing home
Is staff communication in aged care facilities resident-focused? A case study of the shift handover
The Management of Continence in Residential Aged Care Facilities
Reducing fall related injuries in public hospitals
State Falls Policy – development to evaluation
“Avoiding the Tumble”– optimising falls prevention uptake in the hospital setting utilising Falls Resource Nurses
Preventing falls by improved surveillance in the aged care setting
What future for informal care?
Good news on ageing
If we already know what the issues are and have a National Strategy, why do we need to develop specific Regional/Locally Older Person's Strategies?
Mission Impossible; maturing assets (volunteers and passengers)
“Right in the line of fire”
What about us? Positive ageing is also a gay and lesbian issue!
Hermits, hovels and havens – A comparative study of older people living in extreme self neglect
Older refugees – what are the special issues?
Using technology to support learning for an ageing workforce
“Facilitating independence”– a training programme for support workers
Maturing assets, mature learning
Social work student attitudes toward older people
Work and retirement in 2010
Australian Government aged care nursing initiatives
Aged Care Component in Undergraduate Nursing Curricula Project
Investing in the future – nurses for aged care
Building connections in aged care – facilitating student nurse placements in residential care facilities
Medication Advisory Committees – is there a role for nutrition?
Calorie restriction, obesity and life expectancy
Geriatric Dentistry
Addressing the challenge of osteoporotic hip fracture
Workforce and training issues in remote Aboriginal communities in Northern Territory
Ageing in Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations
Healthy ageing in rural and regional Australia
Social support and transport issues for older people living in a rural community
Determining age-related changes in vestibular function using clinical measures
Efficacy of a group communication education program for older people with hearing impairment
Older people with hearing impairment
Hearing handicap profiles in older New Zealand veterans
Changes in toe clearance variability of healthy older adults
The effects of slow speed on postural adjustments during negotiating changes in walking surfaces in healthy young and older adults
Preclinical signs of dementia in a community sample
A community-based health promotion program for older migrant adults
Achieving health promoting behavior change among older people
Quality indicators in residential aged care
Rural mature men matter
Role ambiguity
Women consider retirement
Creating a lifelong learning pathway that is productive and sustainable for ageing Australians
Can attending retirement education assist you to adjust to retirement? Some preliminary results from the Healthy Retirement Project
Characteristics of mature people not in the labour force
Community Transition Program – providing opportunities for older adults
Ageing through the ages
Ageing and Sexuality
Handing down from generation to generation
Creating relationship – an intergenerational experience through dance and movement
Second time parenting – is this what grandparenting is all about?
So you're a grandparent – towards an understanding of the role of grandparents in the 21st Century
A review of minimum data set statistics collected by St Vincent's Health and its aged care consultation service
Person centred assessment with older people. An action research study to explore registered nurses understanding of the process of person centred assessment within a framework of practice development
The expectations and requirements of residents in not-for-profit self-care units
An interdisciplinary approach to improved outcomes for an aged care unit
Quality assurance in aged care
The experience of older adult patients in day surgery/procedure
Detecting depression among older people in residential care facilities
Anxiety and depression in older adults
Informant's assessment of premorbid personality functioning in older adults
Predictors of positive mental health in older men and women from culturally and linguistically diverse background
The UPLIFT study
The provision of care in retirement villages
The voices of older people – are they being heard?
The long road home
Mobility in the bureaucracy
Voices before the grave
Care in context
Ageing “crisis”– myth or reality?
Resilient, engaging and wise
PASHionate about positive ageing
Sensing senescence – an innovative response to supported independent living
Use of “trading off” to maintain perceived control and well-being
When is our next session?
The Age of Institutions is over, so why is it being re-invented for our Tribal Elders?
Housing for older Australians
Designing adaptable residential living environments for our elders
Designing new housing solutions for Australia's Baby Boomers
The Home Access Template
Universal Access in Public Places
Promoting innovation in HACC
Can client goals be used as a measure of service effectiveness?
Assessment of client needs in remote area HACC agencies
Planning for the “old old”
Developing sustainable partnerships in aged care
Adapting to population ageing
Ageing Research Online – review of content and progress
Turning research into policy and practice
Prioritising Local Government Home and Community Care Services
Evaluation of the Carer Education and Workforce Training Project (CEWT) – building on the gains
The development of a medication risk assessment tool for a community client oriented medication management program
Information management and technologies for an ageing Australia
Predictors of healthy ageing
Physical activity of older adults – a pilot study investigating actual upright mobility
Growing old in rural Tasmania
Creating accessible communities – from policy to reality
Hospitals without walls
Major trends and technologies in the building & construction industries to 2025
Growing older in “The Age of Surveillance”
Longitudinal research on ageing in Australia
Prevalence and management of common diseases in the community dwelling elderly
Working to “stay in life”
A drink to your health
Chronic condition self-management
Effective management of challenging behaviours in aged care residents with dementia through a research-based nursing care model
The impact of dementia on the health and aged care systems
Regulating dementia
The relationship between cognitive impairment and length of stay
The Silver Chain assessment framework
The interRAI home care assessment system
Comprehensive assessment of older people with complex care needs
Trial of dependency measures in the HACC program
Assessment for community care in four European systems
Reducing the impact of social isolation on older people
Coping with social isolation and loneliness in old age – survey findings from Western Australia
Protective factors and risk factors for social isolation amongst older people – findings from a cross-government project in Queensland
Common threads, many tapestries
An investigation into social isolation of older men in rural communities
Partnership approaches to addressing social isolation of older people
The development of Advance Care Directives in New South Wales
Enduring Guardianship
Privacy in aged care
Cancer patients' attitudes towards euthanasia and physician–assisted suicide
Measuring and managing a good death for people with dementia
Older people and their financial assets
The retirement savings decisions of Australian workers
Drivers of Australian health expenditure growth in the 1990s
Beyond public scrutiny – financial abuse of older people with impaired capacity
Impact on older people of financial concerns at the end of life
The ageing brain and falls risk
Innovative approaches to falls prevention in the United Kingdom
The biggest challenge in falls prevention
Effects of an individually prescribed exercise program on falls and the risk of falling among residents living in an aged care facility
“Donwood” Older Persons Hostel and Dementia Building
How to get the most out of Aging Research Online
The changing demographics of older adults in the Northern Area of Melbourne
Functional conditioning in the acute environment
Falls prevention clinical pathway in residential care
The benefits of physical activity for over 55s
The role of the pre-SMA in age related gait disorder
Older peoples' contribution to advancing the Forward Agenda for Senior Victorians in the Bendigo/Loddon Region
Aged and community care in the future and baby boomers
A contextual study of Jewish sandwich generation women
Perceived vs. actual memory changes in mid-aged women
Flowers not weeds; the effects on the carer following admission of their loved in to a facility
Is mixed anxiety-depression a common feature of older women?
Palliative care in aged care – a key initiative for the aged care sector
The lived experience of older adults participating in a social support network group
Mature age workers – sustaining the labour force
Aromatherapy promoting sleep
A geography of falls in the eastern suburbs of Sydney
The Department of Human Services, Office of Housing, Victoria
Addressing the issues of professional isolation in aged care
Ageing of the Australian population
The effects of brief diet education in office on body weight and blood pressure in olders
Vision problems among older Australians