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Specific Inappropriate Acts in the Publication Process
Microscopes, microbes and molecules : Evolution of our understanding of the cause and natural history of the precursor lesions of squamous lower genital tract neoplasia*
Fetal pulse oximetry and wavelet analysis of the fetal heart rate in the evaluation of abnormal cardiotocography tracings
Basic study of healing of injuries to the myometrium and amniotic membrane using photocrosslinkable chitosan
Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-2 secretion and invasion by human ovarian cancer cell line SK-OV-3 with lysine, proline, arginine, ascorbic acid and green tea extract
Fetal aortic distension waveforms for evaluating cardiac function and changes in blood pressure : Fetal lamb validation
Immunological factors and their role in the genesis and development of endometriosis
Sporadic fetal heart rate decelerations associated with electrocortical changes in fetal lambs
Blastocyst development of 4-cell mouse embryos after laser destruction of one blastomere with or without its microsurgical removal
Difference in the relative contribution of lean and fat mass components to bone mineral density with generation
Spontaneous ectopic pregnancy occurring in the isthmic portion of the remnant tube after ipsilateral adnexectomy : Report of two cases
Preoperative diagnosis of ovarian tumors, focusing on the solid area based on diagnostic imaging
Analysis of ovarian tumors for the presence of human papillomavirus DNA
Differences in urodynamic study, perineal sonography and treatment outcome according to urethrovesical junction hypermobility in stress urinary incontinence
Giant paraovarian myxoma
Ranking the contributing risk factors in venous thrombosis in terms of therapeutic potential : Virchow's triad revisited
Effectiveness of microlaparoscopy in the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure
Vitamin K2 treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis in Indonesia
Small bowel perforation without tumor recurrence after radiotherapy for cervical carcinoma : Report of seven cases
Metronidazole with Lactacyd vaginal gel in bacterial vaginosis
Pregnancy complicated by multiple pituitary hormone deficiencies
Congresses/Meetings of Obstetrics and Gynecology