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Enough! Ethics, Epistemology and the Failure of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)
Aggressive Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition Support for High Grade Pressure Sores
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Assessment of Emergency Department Presentations and Hospital Admissions of Patients Requiring High Level Care
A Quality Assurance Study to Evaluate the Predictive Accuracy of 2 Fall Risk Assessment Tools in an Acute Geriatric Inpatient Population
An Observational Study on the Prevalence of Cholecalciferol Prescription and the Incidence of Falls and Fractures in Aged Related Residential Care Facilities in the South Auckland Region
Tolerability and Bone Density Changes in an Elderly Cohort Who Received Intravenous Zoledronic Acid Treatment for Osteoporosis
Management of Undernutrition in People with Dementia: a Systematic Literature Review
Management of Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors in Dementia: a Literature Review
Polypharmacy and the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU): a Study of Polypharmacy, Drug Classes, Falls and Patient Outcomes in a Geriatric Mau
Effect of Accelerometry on the Functional Mobility of Older Rehabilitation Inpatients as Measured by Functional Independence Measure-Locomotion (FIM) Gain: a Retrospective Matched Cohort Study
The Hip Fracture Intervention Trial (HIPFIT): Effects on Mortality, Functional Status and Clinical Outcomes at One Year
The Effect on Falls of Providing Single Lens Distance Vision Glasses to Multifocal Glasses Wearers: the Visible Randomised Controlled Trial
Bilateral Frontal Periventricular Locations of Cerebral White Matter Lesions Show Greatest Covariance with Poorer Gait
Association Between Statin Therapy and Increased Falls Risk
Prevalence of Falls, Urinary Incontinence and Pain in Remote Living Older Indigenous Australians Over 45 Years
Perspectives of Quality of Life Among People with Dementia Living in the Community and Care Facilities.
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections in Elderly Patients Presenting to an Emergency Department - a Retrospective Audit
A Snapshot of Australasian Geriatric Advanced Trainees and Geriatric Departments
Medication-Related and Preventable Readmissions Across the Hospital to Residential Care Facility (RCF) Interface
N-Terminal pro-brain Natriuretic Peptide (nt-probnp) is a Prognostic Marker of Post- Operative Cardiac Complications and Long Term Mortality after Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery
Development and Validation of Prediction Equation for Fat Free Mass Using Variables Consisting of Blood and Weight Measurements
Estimation of Lean Body Weight in Older Black and White Men and Women: the Health Aging and Body Composition Study
Prevalence of Frailty and Association Between Frailty and Use of Health and Community Services in Older Australian Men: Findings from the CHAMP Study
Resolution of Frailty is Associated with Increased Mobility but not Increased Participation in the Community: a Longitudinal Study
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Achieving Practice Change and Improved Health Outcomes Via Patient-Specific Prescriber Feedback and Education: Results from the Veterans' Mates Program
Effectiveness of Outpatient-Based Transient Ischaemic Attack (Tia) Management: a Study of the Monash Tia Triaging Treatment System (M3T)
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Small Cerebral Vessel Disease Phenotypes in an Australian Population
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Indicators of Quality of Care for Patients with Dementia in the Acute Care Setting
An Audit of Stroke Presentations to Canterbury Hospital
The Role of the ABCD2 Score in Predicting Stroke After Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) in an Australian Setting
Relationship Between Gait and Brain Structure in a Large, Elderly, Population Based Sample
Relationship Between Age and Brain Structure in a Large, Elderly, Population Based Sample
The Relationships Between Cognitive Function, Gait and Gait Variability in Older People: A Population-Based Study
A Multifactorial Approach for Understanding Fall Risk in Older People - A Decision Tree Model
Occult Fractures Related to Falls in Older Patients Attending an Emergency Department
Identifying People at Risk of Future Falls in an ED Population
The Hip Fracture Intervention Trial (HIPFIT): A 12 month randomised Controlled Multi-Modal Intervention to Improve Functional Outcomes
What are Frail Older People Prepared to Endure to Achieve Improved Mobility Following Hip Fracture? A Discrete Choice Experiment
Treatment for Osteoporosis in Australia Residential Aged Care Facilities: Consensus Recommendations for Fracture Prevention
INTERRATOR Reliability of the Resident Assessment Instrument Acute Care
Validity Based on Test Content of the Resident Assessment Instrument Acute Care: A Multi-Centre Study
The Validity of InterRAI Acute Care Delirium Scale: a Predictor of Delirium Diagnosis
Comparison of the Addenbrooke Cognitive Assessment, MMSE, Frontal Assessment Battery and Montreal Cognitive Assessment
Medical Record Audit of Urinary Tract Infection in the Elderly at Canterbury Hospital: A Retrospective Observational Study
Bugs, Drugs and Broad-Spectrum Thugs: Drug Use Evaluation of Antibiotic Therapy for Cellulitis
Adverse Drug Reactions as A Cause of Admission to An Early-Assessment Medical Unit
The Clinical Pharmacist is of BENEFIT to the Transition Care Program
Intolerance and Affordability Affect Compliance in Treating Overactive Bladder with Solifenacin
Functional Magnetic Resonance (FMRI) Activation During Memory Performance in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (DM): A Twin Study of Dementia in Type 2 DM
Registrar Opinion on Current Training in Geriatric Medicine: A Pilot Survey
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Older Inpatients
Cryptic Tuberculosis: A Reversible Cause of Frailty in Old Age
Platypnoea-Orthodeoxia Syndrome - A Potentially Treatable Cause of Severe Breathlessness on Minimal Exertion