Raising the age pension eligibility age and its (dis)contents
Increasing the age of eligibility for receipt of aged pension in Australia: Potential impact on older people
Minimising harm to older Victorians from heatwaves: A qualitative study of the role of community-based health profession and carer organisations
Modelling the impact of modifying lifestyle risk factors on dementia prevalence in Australian population aged 45 years and over, 2006–2051
Age differences in fall-related injury hospitalisations and trauma presentations
The Eden model: Innovation in Australian aged care?
Australian baby boomers talk about the global financial crisis
Hoarding in older people: The role of the Aged Care Assessment Service
Teaching Geriatric Medicine in Vietnam: Introduction of an interactive learning module for medical students
Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Position Statement Driving and Dementia
Enriched care planning for people with dementia
Community and ageing: Maintaining quality of life in housing with care settings
Rights, risks and restraint – free care of older people. person-centred approaches in health and social care
Protein and energy supplementation in older people at risk from malnutrition (2009)
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