Introduction and scope of dementia, mild cognitive impairment
Prevention of cognitive decline
Biology of ageing
Brain ageing
Clinical, motor and cognitive correlates of cerebral small vessel disease
Neuropathological correlates of white matter disease and latest advances in neuropathology
Imaging and biomarker research in dementia
Managing falls in older patients with cognitive impairment
Managing stroke in older patients
Capacity assessments in dementia patients
The Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia interface
Frontotemporal dementia
The extrapyramidal spectrum: Clinical, diagnostic and management issues
Behavioural management of dementia
Behavioural management of dementia
Sexuality and dementia
Understanding neuropsychological assessment
Dementia and driving
Managing younger onset dementia
Why I prescribe medications for dementia
Advances and retreats in treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Why I'm less enthusiastic about dementia drugs
How to get involved in future drug trials
Managing advanced dementia, advance care planning for dementia patients
When in the disease trajectory should we diagnose dementia? In 2012 and into the future?
Vascular risk and 11C-PiB PET: Results from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle Study of Ageing (AIBL)
Using diffusion tensor imaging to characterise patterns of white matter tract degeneration in dementia with Lewy bodies
A prediction equation to aid the diagnosis of sarcopenia in primary care
Health, wealth and well-being in older people
High risk prescribing and incident frailty in older adults
A systematic review of the quality and reporting standards of longitudinal biomarker studies in dementia
Gait speed at usual pace as a predictor of outcomes in transitional care program (TCP) recipients
Vitamin D prescription, education interventions, and falls in south Auckland aged related residential care facilities
Fallers on different wards have different types of falls, with different outcomes and require different fall interventions
Incidence of adverse events in older people participating in high resistance exercise training program in strong clinic over 10 year period
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and cognition - A cross sectional study
Review of capacity assessments and recommendations for examining competency
Study of group diversional therapy in reducing antipsychotic use during inpatient management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
The effects of a postprandial blood pressure decline following a glucose drink on gait parameters in healthy older volunteers
Use of neuropsychological assessment in the diagnosis of dementia
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in an elderly Australian population
Quality of death in two south Australian metropolitan hospitals: The influence of cancer, dementia and advanced age
Bacteraemia in the elderly: Clinical characteristics and prognosis
Utility of ambulatory blood pressure measurements in elderly hypertensive patients in syncope clinic
An analysis of print media coverage on dementia in Australia
Accuracy of diagnosis in admitted older emergency department patients
Sitting here in limbo: “Awaiting placement” in Australian hospitals
Symptoms reported by patients with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
A prospective study of the introduction of an individual after-hours written communication book to a general medical ward to improve communication between the treating medical team and elderly patients' and their caregivers
Changes in medication prescribing for the oldest old
Brain ageing and gait decline in older people - A longitudinal study
Incidence and associations of lobar microbleeds: Results from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle Study of Ageing (AIBL)
Brain white matter hyperintensities, executive dysfunction, instability and falls in older people: A prospective cohort study
Development and validation of a brief screening strategy for falls risk stratification in older people
Reducing the incidence of fall related hospitalisations in NSW - More than just treating bones
Investigating the drug burden index and polypharmacy in hospitalised older people
Correlating the frontal presentation of Alzheimer's disease with frontal metabolism as measured by FDG-PET
Predictors of residential aged care facility admission among older men: A population based study
Fitness to drive in dementia: Neuropsychological predictors, driver/carer self-report, and loss of insight
Prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia and MCI Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP)
The effects of balance of macronutrients on ageing and glucose tolerance
Regional effects of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) on grey matter atrophy
Accelerated admission pathway for patients with delirium - Pilot study
Delirium associated with long haul travel. A case series of eight patients presenting to two Sydney hospitals
Outcomes of patients with total anterior circulation infarction (TACI) - Who does well and who will benefit from rehabilitation?
Antipsychotic medication use in older general medical inpatients
Dementia in elderly Vietnamese patients - A retrospective study
Detection and management of cognitive impairment in a geriatric subacute hospital
Can older patients with cognitive impairment benefit from geriatric day hospital (GDH) rehabilitation?
Drug burden index and cognitive function in older men
Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: Rare or under-diagnosed?
New clock scoring proforma distinguishes MCI and dementia from healthy ageing
The informant questionnaire on cognitive decline in the elderly (IQCODE): An ultra-short form
Abstract withdrawn.
Western Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) guidelines: Management of clients with hoarding and squalor issues
Management of delirium and dementia in hospital: Experience of a close observation unit
Evaluation of dementia education DVD
Plasma HDL cholesterol is predictor of the severity of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and improvement following exercise
Idiopathic hypoglycaemia: A cause for behavioural disturbances in dementia? A review of the literature
Assessment and management of dementia in the community - The Newcastle experience
Geriatric trauma: An audit of the Alfred trauma registry
Using the Scottish Hip Fracture Audit in northern Sydney: Results and observations
An audit into the outcomes of a gait and balance program at a tertiary hospital
High absolute fracture risk and primary fracture prevention in aged care wards
Outcomes of subacute geriatric patients with prolonged restricted weight bearing post fracture
Old age, frailty and the population pharmacokinetics of gentamicin
Nutritional status at admission predicts functional outcomes in older south Australians admitted to a higher acuity geriatric evaluation and management unit
Abstract withdrawn.
The very old patient in ED: A German perspective
If you forget to screen will they forget their fracture? Vitamin D deficiency in hip fracture patients
Trends in clinical characteristics and outcomes of hip fracture patients from 2004-2011
Impact of dementia and delirium in acute hip fracture population
The value of geriatric functional syndromes for targeting services
Three month post discharge outcomes in hipfracture patients: A prospective cohort study
Determining the best cut-off for polypharmacy associated with adverse outcomes in older adults
Orthogeriatrics service for hip fracture patients in Dunedin Hospital - Achieving standards of hip fracture care
The influence of geriatric functional syndromes on hypovitaminosis D in a tropical city
The early outcome of fracture neck of femur after admission to the subacute unit
Impact of geriatrician/general practitioner led care on an intermediate care unit
Improving the care of the elderly through an oral health education program for nursing staff
Aspirin in reducing events in the elderly (ASPREE) study
Outbreak of influenza a occurring in a transition care unit
The communication bridge: Talking books bridging the gap for elderly, culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) patients in the Emergency Service (ES), at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Organisational culture in residential aged care facilities: A cross-sectional observational study and pilot evaluation of the towards organisational culture change (TOrCCh) intervention
Exploration of the experiences and views of healthcare professionals caring for older people with cancer
GEM puts the sparkle in rehabilitation
Exploration of the experiences and decision making of older people with cancer
Christchurch earthquake: Managing a partial hospital evacuation
Audit of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - Does age impact care?
Retrospective audit of UTI diagnosis in elderly patients at Gosford Hospital
A review of unexpected outcomes in subacute inpatient care units at peninsula health for a four month period during 2011
Assessing palliative care unit inpatients for aged care placement. Is it worth it?
An evaluation of early unplanned readmissions to the Geriatrics Department of Balmain Hospital and other hospitals within the old Sydney south west area health service
Elder abuse as a geriatric syndrome: A systematic review of risk factors in communitydwelling elders
Vitamin B12 screening in older inpatients without known risk factors: Why do clinicians measure it?
Evaluation of syncope in the outpatient setting: A retrospective audit study
Teaching junior medical officers (JMOs) safe and effective prescribing in the elderly
Feasibility study to describe the dependency levels of people living in retirement villages in Auckland, New Zealand
Changes to medication prescription before & after admission to an acute geriatrics unit