The management of toxic epidermal necrolysis
Tiron protects against UVB-induced senescence-like characteristics in human dermal fibroblasts by the inhibition of superoxide anion production and glutathione depletion
An investigation of striae distensae using reflectance confocal microscopy
Split-leg comparison of low fluence diode laser and high fluence intense pulsed light in permanent hair reduction in skin types III to IV
The increased prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in psoriatic patients: A study from South India
Acral subcutaneous steatocystoma multiplex: A distinct subtype of the disease?
Low-dose cyclosporin improves the health-related quality of life in Japanese psoriasis patients dissatisfied with topical corticosteroid monotherapy
Allergic contact dermatitis to topical preparations of bufexamac
The spectrum of spitzoid tumours: A clinical study
Effect of captopril on infantile haemangiomas: A retrospective case series
Clinical characteristics and risks of large congenital melanocytic naevi: A review of 31 patients at the Sydney Children's Hospital
Retrospective study of oral lichen planus and allergy to spearmint oil
The multidisciplinary management of non-melanoma conchal bowl skin cancer
Multiple secondary cutaneous tumours following electron beam radiotherapy for cutaneous malignancies of the scalp
Re Accuracy in skin cancer diagnosis: A retrospective study of an Australian public hospital dermatology department
Number needed to treat
Accuracy in skin cancer diagnosis: Response
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