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HLA-B*1502 haplotype screening prior to carbamazepine administration in individuals of south-east Asian ancestry nears cost-effectiveness in preventing severe cutaneous adverse drug reactions
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Hair transplantation for the treatment of lichen planopilaris and frontal fibrosing alopecia: A report of two cases
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HTLV-1 carrier psoriasis patients treated by anti-IL-23/IL-17
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Cutaneous larva migrans occurring concurrently in a father and son
Cyproterone acetate in the treatment of oestrogen hypersensitivity vulvovaginitis
A case of acquired epidermodysplasia verruciformis in a renal transplant recipient clearing with multimodal treatment including HPV (Gardasil) vaccination
Perineural invasion present exclusively in central tissue blocks of Mohs surgical excisions of basal cell carcinoma
High concordance between clinical diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa and immunofluorescence with a small, well-matched antibody panel
Dermoscopy of syringocystadenoma papilliferum
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Spot diagnosis: Progressive cribriform and zosteriform hyperpigmentation
Trigeminal trophic syndrome: Analysis of the number of peripheral nerve fibres and blood vessels in the lesional skin
A rare cause of alopecia: Lipedematous alopecia
Cutaneous infiltration of anaplastic variant of CD30-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
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Lepromatous leprosy with Lucio's phenomenon
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High serum vitamin D level correlates with better prognostic indicators in primary melanoma: A pilot study
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Factors influencing cardiometabolic risk profile in patients with psoriasis
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Upregulated expression of La ribonucleoprotein domain family member 6 and collagen type I gene following water-filtered broad-spectrum near-infrared irradiation in a 3-dimensional human epidermal tissue culture model as revealed by microarray analysis
Diffuse scarring alopecia in a female pattern hair loss distribution
Low-dose rituximab and concurrent adjuvant therapy for pemphigus: Protocol and single-centre long-term review of nine patients
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Telangiectasia macularis multiplex acquisita accompanied by hepatitis B infection
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Systematised naevus sebaceus resulting from post-zygotic mutation in HRAS
Azathioprine-induced Sweet's syndrome: A case series and review of the literature
Alopecia, palmoplantar keratoderma, skin fragility and follicular hyperkeratoses due to compound heterozygous mutations in desmoplakin
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Treatment of cutaneous plasmacytosis with mask-bath PUVA: A therapeutic option
Pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia secondary to allergic contact dermatitis to Grevillea Robyn Gordon