A discussion with D.M. Armstrong about the nexus between philosophy and psychiatry
The therapist's dilemma : be sincere or fake it?
Choosing a psychodynamic psychotherapy model for an Australian public sector mental health service
Is there a place for psychoanalysis in public mental health?
A ‘fair play’? Comparison of an objective structured clinical examination of final year medical students training in psychiatry and their supervisors' appraisals
Best evidence medical education in psychiatry training
Interagency training in dual disability
Description of a rural Australian free call telephone mental health information and support service
The phenomenon of collocation : a local solution to an Australian problem
Primary care-led mental health service reform : an outline of the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care initiative
A right Royal ‘hoo-ha’ : why we should not change the College name
The role of ECT in schizophrenia
Doctor to the dictator : the career of Theodor Morell, personal physician to Adolf Hitler
Literature and psychiatry : the case for a close liaison
Psychiatry and the Arts
Improved functioning in a woman with schizophrenia on exclusive therapy with oestrogen pills
The relationship between obsessive–compulsive disorder and psychosis
Socio-political issues and the College
Advanced training program in adult psychiatry
President's Report
From the Secretary's Desk
The RANZCP 2002 Annual General Meeting
Margaret Julia Tobin : Born 23 September 1952
MOPS Report
Mental health system not so healthy : 13 September 2002
Rural Special Interest Group News
‘There's No Health Without Mental Health’ The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) 2002 Conference : Sydney, 20–22nd August, 2002
The National Resource Centre for Consumer Participation in Health (NRCCPH)
38th RANZCP Congress –Hobart– : 12–15 May, 2003
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