‘Like Minds, Like Mine’ : a New Zealand project to counter the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness
Policy, structural change and quality of psychiatric services in Australia : the views of psychiatrists
Surveying perceptions of the progress of national mental health reform
A mental health and substance abuse service for a youth detention centre
Commitment and collaboration for excellence in older persons' mental health : the ACT experience
Why do doctors dislike treating people with somatoform disorder?
Use of a routine outcome measure in a consultation–liaison mental health service
Religion, spirituality and psychiatry : steps towards rapprochement
Spiritually augmented cognitive behavioural therapy
Introducing a professional development programme to a rural area mental health service : the importance of context
The Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Programme in South Australia at 2 years
Parenting is a mental health issue
Possibilities and realities : South Australia's asylums in the 19th century
Antwone Fisher : how dangerous is ‘Dr Wonderful’?
Bloomsday 100 : the making of a literary legend
The Quest
Clinical practice guidelines
Clinical practice guidelines
Preventable deaths
Preventable deaths
The future revealed?
Seduction in the forensic evaluation
Trajectory of response to antidepressants : a call for psychiatrist investigators
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