Walking the tightrope : perception, fact and inquiry
In conversation with Dr Albert Ellis
Administrators : masters or servants?
Establishing and running a trauma and dissociation unit : a contemporary experience
Use of seclusion in a psychiatric acute inpatient unit
Changeability, confidence, common sense and corroboration : comprehensive suicide risk assessment
Clinical decision support systems in psychiatry in the Information Age
Use of the psychiatric consultation letter as a therapeutic tool
Review of new compounds available in Australia for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Psychostimulant treatment of adults with mental retardation and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Psychiatry and Islam
Pilot study investigating the effect of intercessory prayer in the treatment of child psychiatric disorders
Towards a needs based mental health resource allocation and service development in rural and remote Australia
Gundhu Adolescent Wing : providing adolescent beds in a rural acute mental health unit
A perspective on the problems in retaining psychiatrists in New Zealand
Predicting the depression researcher : initial investigations
Acute psychosis following ingestion of ‘Rapture’
Movement disorders and the treatment of schizophrenia
Transcranial magnetic stimulation : promise for the future?
Epileptic seizure in GHB withdrawal
Somatoform deception
Is anger an excuse?
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From the Honorary Secretary
From the CEO
New Zealand manager has strong health background
Western Australian Fellow's membership suspended
“Most cited author” takes up Lundbeck traveling professorship
WA chair clarification
Online psychiatrists' directory to speed up GP access
Peer review groups attract qualified privilege
Rural news
Long-serving editor steps down
Governments weigh in with financial support for guidelines
Psychiatrist reprimanded for hasty report
RANZCP calls for more spending on mental health
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