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Subspecialization of radiation therapists in Australia and New Zealand
Exchanging dual-lumen central venous catheters
Sarcomatous transformation in diaphyseal aclasis
Role of ultrasound in assessment of early rheumatoid arthritis
CT and MRI features in Bipolaris fungal sinusitis
Metastases to the breast
Determining the proportion of coronary segments assessable on 16-slice CT coronary angiography
Ureteroplasty with a cutting balloon
Acute plain anterioposterior radiograph of the pelvis is not useful in detecting fractures of iliac wing and os sacrum
Surface laser scanning to routinely produce casts for patient immobilization during radiotherapy*
Patient information preferences among breast and prostate cancer patients
Music therapy as a non-pharmacological anxiolytic for paediatric radiotherapy patients
Acquired spontaneous intercostal abdominal hernia
Extramedullary haematopoiesis in thalassaemia major causing spinal cord compression
Bilateral spontaneous adrenal haemorrhage complicating acute pancreatitis
Two cases of methanol poisoning
Percutaneous retrieval of a chronic foreign body with both intravascular and extravascular components
Percutaneous fluoroscopic removal of a knotted Swan–Ganz catheter in a patient with a persistent left-sided superior vena cava
Prolonged survival after resection and radiotherapy for solitary brain metastases from non-small-cell lung cancer
Emergency transcatheter embolization of ruptured hepatocellular carcinomas with tortuous conventional or aberrant hepatic vascular anatomy, or parasitic supply
How accurate is the Light index for estimating pneumothorax size?
Colin Marshall Gurner, AO, CBE (1919–2006)