A prognostic index (PI) for predicting lung cancer patients with multiple brain metastases who may not benefit from whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) due to early death
Desmoplastic melanoma : The role of radiotherapy in improving local control
Uterine papillary serous carcinoma : Pattern of failure and survival analyses
Is there a learning effect for the use of intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) planning for naso-pharyngeal carcinoma? A retrospective review of the Singapore experience
3D volumetric analysis of irradiated lung with adjuvant breast irradiation (ABR)
“Give me understanding and I shall live” : Radiation oncology teaching in 2017
Radiotherapy to the supraclavicular fossa in breast cancer - 2007 Australia-NZ patterns of care study
A comparison of 3 dose-escalated radiation therapy strategies for T1 and T2 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Meeting the challenge of mesothelioma radiotherapy
The St George, Wollongong and Liverpool Breast Boost Trial : 1st planned analysis at 6-year mean follow-up
Fraction size in radiation treatment for breast conservation in early breast cancer - A cochrane review
Assessment of tumour size and its relationship to nodal involvement in multifocal and multicentric breast cancer (MMBC)
The role of the percentage of biopsy cores positive for malignancy in the prediction of prostate cancer radiotherapy outcome : A multicentre analysis of 3264 patients
Phase I trial of gefitinib in combination with concurrent carboplatin, paclitaxel and radiation therapy in patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer (“CRITICAL”)
“Choosing my treatment” : Incorporating informational and decision-making needs into a preference compass
Undertaking longitudinal research studies with cancer survivors : Can these studies succeed long-term?
Mapping stage and comprehensive cancer treatments in a clinical cancer registry
Consultant-led telephone follow up after radical external beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer - Evaluation of a novel service delivery approach
Rapid response palliative radiotherapy clinic - A new service for Queensland
Acute clinical radiosensitivity is associated with DNA alterations in the melanocortin-1 receptor gene
Assessing the need for ReCT scanning and potential adaptive radiotherapy
Localisation of fiducial markers in prostate cancer patients using electronic portal images (EPI) and in-room computerised tomography (CT) images
Clinical implementation of an adaptive radiotherapy technique for post-prostatectomy patients (PPP) using cone beam CT
Low acute toxicity with gold markers and endorectal balloon in high-dose, hypofractionated 3D-conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT) for prostate cancer
Adaptive radical radiotherapy for bladder cancer using cone beam CT (CBCT)
Phase I study of individualized stereotactic radiotherapy for unresectable hepatobiliary cancer and liver metastases
Preliminary results of accelerated-simultaneous boost IMRT for locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma - The BCCA experience
Identification and therapeutic targeting of hypoxia in H&N cancer
Inter- and intrafractional tumour and organ movement in patients with cervical cancer undergoing radiation treatment : A cine-MRI point-of-interest study
Pilot study of 4-dimensional CT-based radiotherapy planning for left-sided breast cancer
78 Gy prostrate cancer dose escalation programme : Dosimetry and acute toxicity
Genitourinary multidisciplinary teams and clinician perceptions on unmet needs of younger men with prostate cancer
Assessment of the role and outcomes for a multidisciplinary AVM clinic
Investigation into the role of inverse planned intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) in comparison with 3D conformal radiotherapy at the Austin Health Radiation Oncology Centre in breast irradiation
A literature review on the dosimetric effects of breast tissue expanders in-situ on post-mastectomy radiotherapy
Brain metastases in stage III NSCLC patients treated with radical radiation and chemotherapy
The PULp FICTion study : Analysis of the effects of Tamoxifen on pulmonary fibrosis from adjuvant breast radiotherapy
In vitro sequencing data for anastrozole and radiotherapy for MCF-7 breast cancer cells expressing aromatase activity
A randomised comparison of 20 Gy in 4 daily fractions versus 40 Gy in 20 bi-daily fractions for cerebral metastases
STARS pilot : A successful pilot for a randomised comparison of anastrozole commenced before and continued during adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer versus anastrozole and subsequent anti-oestrogen therapy delayed until after radiotherapy
TROG 04.01 cavilon post-mastectomy skin care trial : Analysis of audited skin reaction photography
Impediments to accrual : What are we learning?
A new approach to the dilemma of field placement discrepancy when treating mono-isocentric breast and supraclavicular fossa fields
A prospective study of changes in breast erythema, fatigue and biological factors in women undergoing irradiation after breast conserving surgery for early breast cancer
Achieving high standards of protocol compliance in clinical trials - The RAVES dummy run
The provision of culturally appropriate care to the Muslim patient in the Australian Radiation Oncology Department
Use of the diagnostic imaging retrieval system to determine the optimal repositioning of cardiac pacemakers prior to radiation therapy to the chest
Reduction in breast dose with involved field radiotherapy (IFRT) for Hodgkin Lymphoma : A comparison of planned dose (PD) and ther moluminescence dosimetry (TLD)
Use of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for gliomas reduces dose to non-target tissue compared to three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy
Inguinal hernia secondary to head and neck radiotherapy
79.8 Gy image guided radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer
Clinical characteristics of radiosensitive cancer patients
Patterns of failure in locally advanced cervical cancer patients staged by MRI and treated with curative intent
Radiotherapy for desmoid tumour : An outcome study
Abstract Withdrawn
Abstract Withdrawn
Cosmetic outcome in Asian women post breast conserving treatment
Intraprostatic gold markers, a safe and simple tool for CT-MR fusion and portal imaging based on- and off-line correction procedures in prostate cancer radiotherapy
Moving beyond the Jurassic period : A contouring protocol for external beam radiotherapy for cervical cancer
Daily setup variations in the treatment of head and neck cancer patients and impact on determination of planning margins
A modelling study of the set up error in head & neck intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) - Towards developing evidence-based image guidance protocols
Reconstruction of cumulative dosimetry using deforming 3D image-sets - Implications for adaptive radiotherapy in head and neck IMRT
Head and neck stabilisation, margin recipe & verification approaches : An analysis of two thermoplastic casts considering set-up error, cost factors and skin dose
Radiotherapy and FDG-PET in primary squamous cell carcinoma of rectum
START : A simple tool for the assessment of radiotolerance
Estimation of radiation-induced cancer in stage I testicular seminoma : Para-aortic strip (PA) versus PA and ipsilateral iliac lymph node (dogleg [DL] field) irradiation