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Clinical considerations for increasing occlusal vertical dimension: a review
Modulation of epithelial tight junctions by TGF-beta 3 in cultured oral epithelial cells
Dentists' perceptions of a new local anaesthetic drug – articaine
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Non-surgical periodontal therapy affects metabolic control in diabetics: a randomized controlled clinical trial
Oral health inequalities in a national sample of Australian children aged 2–3 and 6–7 years
Association between long-term aspirin use and periodontal attachment level in humans: a cross-sectional investigation
Comparison of periosteal pedicle graft and subepithelial connective tissue graft for the treatment of gingival recession defects
Inhibition of early biofilm formation by glass-ionomer incorporated with chlorhexidine in vivo : a pilot study
Effect of silver and fluoride ions on enamel demineralization: a quantitative study using micro-computed tomography
Dental and periodontal complications of lip and tongue piercing: prevalence and influencing factors
Evaluation of microtensile bond strength of different fissure sealants to bovine enamel
Geographic redistribution of practice location of graduate dentists: a six-year retrospective analysis (2004–2009)
Oral focal mucinosis in an adolescent: a case report
Use of a modified shell technique for three-dimensional bone grafting: description of a technique
The multidisciplinary management of a fused maxillary central incisor with a talon cusp
Families and their use of dental services
Continuing professional development self-assessment quiz: Dentists' perceptions of a new local anaesthetic drug – articaine
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