The face, the future, and dental practice: how research in craniofacial biology will influence patient care
The genesis of craniofacial biology as a health science discipline
General and craniofacial development are complex adaptive processes influenced by diversity
Epigenetics: a new frontier in dentistry
Dental phenomics: advancing genotype to phenotype correlations in craniofacial research
Current understanding of the process of tooth formation: transfer from the laboratory to the clinic
Three-dimensional analysis of the early development of the dentition
Three-dimensional analysis of molar development in the mouse from the cap to bell stage
The teeth and faces of twins: providing insights into dentofacial development and oral health for practising oral health professionals
Stem cells, tissue engineering and periodontal regeneration
The dentition: the outcomes of morphogenesis leading to variations of tooth number, size and shape
Developmental defects of enamel and dentine: challenges for basic science research and clinical management
The role of oral soft tissues in swallowing function: what can tongue pressure tell us?
Functional dental occlusion: an anthropological perspective and implications for practice
Application of three-dimensional computed tomography in craniofacial clinical practice and research
The future of research in craniofacial biology and what this will mean for oral health professional education and clinical practice