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Personalized/Precision Dentistry – The Future of Dentistry?
Dentistry in crisis : time to change. La Cascada Declaration
An update on the diagnosis and treatment of dens invaginatus
Influence of tooth bleaching on dental enamel microhardness : a systematic review and meta‐analysis
Oral health interventions in Australian Aboriginal communities : a review of the literature
Dentistry and criminal law
Knowledge, attitude and practises of dentists towards oral health care during pregnancy : A cross sectional survey in New South Wales, Australia
Referral patterns of general dental practitioners for bone grafting and implant placement
Necrotizing fasciitis as a complication of odontogenic infection : a review of management and case series
Internet use, online information seeking and knowledge among third molar patients attending public dental services
Managing the oral side‐effects of medications used to treat multiple sclerosis
Diagnostic procedures employed by dental practitioners in Australia with a focus on endodontic diagnostic procedures
A cross sectional and longitudinal study of endodontic and periapical status in an Australian population
Do people trust dentists? Development of the Dentist Trust Scale
Dentists’ restorative decision‐making and implications for an ‘amalgamless’ profession. Part 4 : clinical factor
Dental responsibility loadings and the relative value of dental services
Osteolipoma of the buccal mucosa : a case report
Excessive heat‐associated gingival necrosis : a case report
Gingival enlargement in a pregnant woman with acute monocytic leukaemia : a case report
Continuing Professional Development Quiz
Continuing Professional Development Calendar
The use of mobile health applications in school dental screening
Local anaesthesia and nerve damage