President's report
Tooth discolouration: Staining effects of various sealers and medicaments
Bacterial leakage of GuttaFlow-filled root canals compared with Resilon/Epiphany and Gutta-percha/AH26-filled root canals
Bond strength and fracture analysis between resin cements and root canal dentin
Bond strength of Resilon/Epiphany compared with Gutta-percha and sealers Sealer 26 and Endo Fill
Antibacterial substantivity of a new antibiotic-based endodontic irrigation solution
Prophylactic intraligamentary injection of piroxicam (feldene) for the management of post-endodontic pain in molar teeth with irreversible pulpitis
Endodontic management of hypo-, meso- and hypertaurodontism: Case reports
From the literature
A message from APEC
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Tribute to Peter Gordon Kaleski, bds (syd), ficd, fadi, oam