President's report
Influence of coronal restorations on the fracture resistance of root canal-treated premolar and molar teeth: A retrospective study
Bovine pulp tissue dissolution ability of HealOzone®, Aquatine Alpha Electrolyte® and sodium hypochlorite
Evaluation of cyclic flexural fatigue resistance of 25/0.04 and 25/0.06 twisted file rotary nickel-titanium endodontic instruments
Effects of different irrigation solutions on root dentine microhardness, smear layer removal and erosion
Influence of electrochemical polishing on the mechanical behaviour of nickel-titanium rotary files
Magnifying loupes versus surgical microscope in endodontic surgery: A four-year retrospective study
Endodontic treatment of a taurodontic premolar with five canals
From the literature
Report on the Pre-Congress Meeting of the 35th Australian Dental Congress
The 17th APEC scientific conference in Seoul, Korea
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South Australia
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