President's report
Discuss the impact technological advances in equipment and materials have made on the delivery and outcome of endodontic treatment
Incidence of canal systems in the mesio-buccal roots of maxillary first and second molars in Saudi Arabian population
Push-out bond strength of gutta-percha with a new bioceramic sealer in the presence or absence of smear layer
Evaluation of the colour change in enamel and dentine promoted by the interaction between 2% chlorhexidine and auxiliary chemical solutions
Effect of chloroform, orange solvent and eucalyptol on the accuracy of four electronic apex locators
Comparison of final irrigation techniques in removal of calcium hydroxide
Influence of silane and solvated bonding agents on the bond strength to glass-fibre posts
Analysis of six heavy metals in Ortho mineral trioxide aggregate and ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate by inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectrometry
Effect of manual dynamic activation on smear layer removal efficacy of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and SmearClear: An in vitro scanning electron microscopic study
Behaviour of rat-cultured dental pulp cells in three-dimensional collagen type-1 gel in vitro and in vivo
Effect of reciprocation usage of nickel-titanium rotary files on the cyclic fatigue resistance
Cyclic fatigue resistance of newly manufactured rotary nickel titanium instruments used in different rotational directions
Evaluation of alginate as a substitute for root-surrounding tissues in electronic root canal measurements
Ultramicroscopic study of the interface and sealing ability of four root canal obturation methods: Resilon versus gutta-percha
Kinetics of Th17-related cytokine expression in experimentally induced rat periapical lesions
Efficacy of the enamel matrix derivative in direct pulp capping procedures: A systematic review
Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia mimicking apical periodontitis: A case report
From the literature
Launching the 18th Scientific Congress of Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC) and 4th Jordanian Endodontic Conference in ESE, Lisbon
Report on the European Society of Endodontology meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, 12–14 September 2013
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