President's report
Should retention of a tooth be an important goal of dentistry? How do you decide whether to retain and restore a tooth requiring endodontic treatment or to extract and if possible replace the tooth?
Influence of EDTA and dentine in tissue dissolution ability of sodium hypochlorite
Clinical investigation of the effect of calcium hydroxide intracanal dressing on bacterial lipopolysaccharide reduction from infected root canals
Effectiveness of KTP laser versus 980 nm diode laser to kill E nterococcus faecalis in biofilms developed in experimentally infected root canals
Comparison of cyclic fatigue resistance of novel nickel-titanium rotary instruments
A quantitative and diametral analysis of human dentinal tubules at pulp chamber ceiling and floor under scanning electron microscopy
Accuracy of three electronic apex locators in determining the apical foramen in multi-rooted teeth: Randomised clinical and laboratory study
From the literature
18th APEC Scientific Congress: Next Generation Endodontics
New South Wales
South Australia
ANZAE Inc. Report
Associate Professor Giampiero Rossi-Fedele