Best paper awards for 2015
Optimisation and validation of a high-throughput semi-quantitative solid-phase microextraction method for analysis of fermentation aroma compounds in metabolomic screening studies of wines
Determination of phenolic substances of seeds, skins and stems from white grape marc by near-infrared hyperspectral imaging
A high-throughput UHPLC MS/MS method for evaluation of tartaric and malic acid concentration in individual grapevine berries
Effect of oxygen exposure during fermentation on volatile sulfur compounds in Shiraz wine and a comparison of strategies for remediation of reductive character
Use of fortified pied de cuve as an innovative method to start spontaneous alcoholic fermentation for red winemaking
Fate of the glutathione released from inactive dry yeast preparations during the alcoholic fermentation of white musts
Genetic correlations in grapevine and their effects on selection
Future of winegrape growing regions in Europe
Projecting future winegrape yields using a combination of Vitis vinifera L. growth rings and soil moisture simulations, northern California, USA
Vessel embolism and tyloses in early stages of Pierce's disease
Ultraviolet-B alleviates the uncoupling effect of elevated CO2 and increased temperature on grape berry ( Vitis vinifera cv. Tempranillo) anthocyanin and sugar accumulation
Accumulation and partitioning of anthocyanins in two red grape cultivars under natural and reduced UV solar radiation
Vine growth and physiological performance of two red grape cultivars under natural and reduced UV solar radiation
Leaf carbohydrate metabolism in Malbec grapevines: combined effects of regulated deficit irrigation and crop load
Effects of irrigation and rootstock on Vitis vinifera (L.) cv. Shiraz berry composition and shrivel, and wine composition and wine score
Root-zone management practices impact above and belowground growth in Cabernet Franc grapevines
Differential fruitset between grapevine cultivars is related to differences in pollen viability and amine concentration in flowers