2005 ANZJOG impact factor
Down syndrome screening in Australia
Radical trachelectomy
Is colposcopy needed following laser ablation for dysplasia?
What do obstetricians think about media influences on their patients?
Extremely skewed X-chromosome inactivation patterns in women with recurrent spontaneous abortion
Customised birthweight
Intrapartum analgesia and its association with post-partum back pain and headache in nulliparous women
The association between intratwin birthweight discordance and preterm birth in twin pregnancy
Pregnancy outcome in women presenting with pre-eclampsia at less than 25 weeks gestation
The quality and size of yolk sac in early pregnancy loss
Postnatal home visiting for illicit drug-using mothers and their infants
Regional variations in prenatal screening across Australia
Are pregnant Australian women well informed about prenatal genetic screening? A systematic investigation using the Multidimensional Measure of Informed Choice
The impact of fetal fibronectin testing for women with symptoms of preterm labour in routine clinical practice within a New Zealand population
Readmission risk and metabolic, biochemical, haematological and clinical indicators of severity in hyperemesis gravidarum
Tuberculosis in pregnancy – Case studies and a review of Australia's screening process
Hyperbaric oxygen and in vitro fertilisation
Cosmetic tattooing
A rare complication of an indwelling urinary catheter – ureteral entrapment
A huge ‘prostate-mimicking’ vaginal leiomyoma with simultaneous expression of oestrogen and progesterone receptors