A new look for ANZJOG for 2008
Enough is enough! Time for a new model of care for women with early pregnancy complications
Hospital-based interventions at and following miscarriage : Literature to inform a research-practice initiative
Guidelines for the use of recombinant activated factor VII in massive obstetric haemorrhage
Capacity to monitor severe maternal morbidity in Australia
Varicella and the pregnant woman : Prevention and management
Symptomatic urinary stone disease in pregnancy
Chlamydia and associated factors in an under 20s antenatal population
Venous thromboembolism during pregnancy and the post-partum period : Incidence and risk factors in a large Victorian health service
Avoidable risk factors in perinatal deaths : A perinatal audit in South Australia
Progesterone for maintenance tocolytic therapy after threatened preterm labour : A randomised controlled trial
Soluble Flt-1 as a diagnostic marker of pre-eclampsia
Oral celecoxib versus oral diclofenac for post-perineal repair analgesia after spontaneous vaginal birth : A randomised trial
The prevalence of maternal medical conditions during pregnancy and a validation of their reporting in hospital discharge data
Contraceptive use and associations with intimate partner violence among a population-based sample of New Zealand women
Abdominopelvic tuberculosis in gynaecology : Laparoscopical and new laboratory findings
Laparoscopic management of adnexal tumours in post-hysterectomy women
A randomised comparison between sublingual, oral and vaginal route of misoprostol for pre-abortion cervical ripening in first-trimester pregnancy termination under local anaesthesia
Is incidental appendectomy necessary in women with ovarian endometrioma?
Women's preferences and satisfaction after six months of long-term reversible contraception, including Mirena IUD, copper IUD and Implanon
Survey of RANZCOG Fellows practising in New Zealand and their use of intrauterine levonorgestrel-releasing system ECR
Miscarriage risk after a normal booking-in visit at six to 11 weeks gestation : A prospective study
Counting corpora lutea to determine zygosity of spontaneous twins at early ultrasound
Effect of labour on post-partum clearance of cell-free fetal DNA from maternal plasma
Vaginal colporrhaphy versus vaginal repair with mesh for pelvic organ prolapse : A randomised controlled trial
Caesarean scar pregnancies : 13 cases in five years at King Edward Memorial Hospital
Great gestations : Obstetrics in general practice
Aetiology and clinical profile of non ulcerative vulval swellings in young girls
Uterine small nerve fibres
The use of recombinant activated factor VII in obstetric patients from Australia and New Zealand
Code green emergency LSCS
Practical obstetric multiprofessional training : Using the PROMPT model for obstetric emergency training on delivery unit
Seasonal fluctuations in VBAC rates
Universal umbilical cord sampling is associated with improved perinatal outcome
Nutcracker syndrome in pregnancy : A tough nut to crack?
Primary localised amyloidosis of the vagina
Mixoid leiomyoma of the vagina : Case report with emphasis to diagnostic challenges
Pubovisceral muscle avulsion
Antibiotics for the prevention of preterm birth
Trials of antioxidants for male infertility
Trials of antioxidants for male infertility