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Participation in the International Forum on Cross-Border Reproductive Care : Quality and Safety 14-16 January 2009
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Long Term Follow-up Study of the Outcomes of 721 Consecutive Patients Referred to an Infertility Clinic over a 3 Year Period
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Debate : Why Shouldn't We Pay for Donors?
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Fertility Preservation in Breast Cancer Patients
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Who Am I? Identity Issues from the Perspective of the Donor Conceived Offspring
What Type of Information is Considered Important by Donors, Recipients and Offspring : An Australian Perspective
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Single Embryo Transfer (SET) following Blastocyst Vitrification - A Three Year Review of Clinical Outcomes
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The Future of Human Embryology
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Should Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation and Egg Freezing Be Standard for Women with a Cancer Diagnosis?
Oocyte Vitrification in a Time of Need
Perinatal Consequences of IVF
Pregnancy and Perinatal Outcomes after Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment in Australia and New Zealand 2004-2006
Sex Ratio and Maternal Age - An Assessment of the Outcome of Babies Born following Single Embryo Transfers from ANZARD 2002-2006
Perinatal Outcomes of Babies following Single Embryo Transfer (SET) Compared to Double Embryo Transfer (DET)
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All Patients Undergoing Infertility Investigation Should Have a Sperm DNA Integrity Test
A Nursing Care Plan for Management of Patients at Risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
BMI : Does Fat Really Matter? The Impact of BMI on Embryo Development and Pregnancy during IVF
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Application of Time-Lapse Incubator Shows Large Numbers of Embryo with Abnormal First Cell Division
ICSI Outcomes : The Difference between Testicular and Ejaculated Sperm
Outcomes following Low Serum Progesterone Level at Embryo Transfer
Objective Competency Measures of Units, Clinicians and Scientists
Rates of Derivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
A Comparative Analysis of Assisted Reproductive Technology Cycles in Australia and New Zealand 2004-2006
Pregnancy Outcomes following Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET) of Blastocysts
Chromosome Abnormalities Detected by Routine Karyotype Analysis of Patients Presenting for Treatment of Infertility and Subsequent PGD Results for Those Patients Diagnosed with a Balanced Translocation
Comparison of Two Methods to Evaluate Sperm DNA Fragmentation
Mitochondrial Enzyme Deficiency in IVF
Review of Failed Fertilization Cases 2002 to 2008
Cryosurvival and Implantation of 4-Cell Embryos Using a Modified Method of Slow Cooling
Outcome of Twice-Frozen-Thawed Embryos
Pregnancy Rates following HyCoSy
Cumulative Live Birth Outcomes following Single Embryo Transfer (SET) and Vitrification of Supernumerary Blastocysts
Quinn's Advantages Fertilization Medium Enhances Zona Pellucida-Induced Acrosome Reaction Compared with Human Tubal Fluid Medium
Setting up an Obesity Management Service within an Infertility Clinic
How Much Should Recipients in Western Australia Pay for Donated Semen?
Measurement with a Makler Chamber of Sperm Concentration in Cryopreserved Semen Can Be Influenced by the Volume of Fluid Applied
Increased Ongoing Pregnancy Rate Using Luteal Phase Progesterone Support in Frozen Thawed Embryo Replacement Cycles
Dysgerminoma/Gonadoblastoma in a Small Ovary of a 45,X/46,XY Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis Which Was Completely Removed under Laparoscopic Surgery
Thrombophilia Abnormalities in an Infertile Female Population
Karyotype Abnormalities in an Infertile Population
Prevalence of Thyroid Abnormalities in Women Presenting to an Infertility Clinic
Does Low Dose hCG Supplementation prior to the Midcycle LH Surge, Improve ART Outcomes?
Ovulation Induction with Very Low Dose Gonadotrophins in Asian Patients
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Evidence of Disease Contamination in Ovarian Tissue Harvested for Fertility Preservation
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