Current themes in reproductive medicine
Laparoscopy or laparotomy for endometrial cancer? A review of three prospective randomised trials
Perioperative outcomes after total laparoscopic hysterectomy compared with fast-track open hysterectomy – A retrospective case–control study
Value of pre-operative serum CA125 level for prediction of prognosis in patients with endometrial cancer
Usefulness of histopathological examination in uterine prolapse specimens
Single blastocyst embryo transfer maintains comparable pregnancy rates to double cleavage-stage embryo transfer but results in healthier pregnancy outcomes
Using anti-Müllerian hormone to identify a good prognosis group in women of advanced reproductive age
Urodynamic diagnoses and quality of life in women presenting for evaluation of urinary incontinence
Developing an assessment tool for maternal morbidity ‘near-miss’– A prospective study in a large Australian regional hospital
Preterm birth rates in Chinese women in China, Hong Kong and Australia – The price of Westernisation
Gestational diabetes mellitus: Who requires insulin therapy?
Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension 21 years after a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy
Is post-partum oxygen inhalation useful for reducing vaginal blood loss during the third and fourth stages of labour? A randomised controlled study
The relationship between maternal opiate use, amphetamine use and smoking on fetal growth
A pilot study to assess the use of the gonadotrophin antagonist cetrorelix in preserving ovarian function during chemotherapy
Diet and IVF pilot study: Short-term weight loss improves pregnancy rates in overweight/obese women undertaking IVF
Pregnant women's knowledge of obesity and ideal weight gain in pregnancy, and health behaviours of pregnant women and their partners
Are pregnant women in New Zealand iodine deficient? A cross-sectional survey
Vulvar leiomyoma in association with gastrointestinal leiomyoma
Septic shock following cervical cerclage for advanced cervical dilatation
Re: Rate of postdates induction using first-trimester ultrasound to determine estimated due date: Wellington Regional Hospital audit
Response to Letter to the Editor
Matrix Metalloproteinase-14 cleaves Endoglin to produce soluble Endoglin: a new therapeutic target in the treatment of severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome
IUGR and betamethasone: blink and you'll miss it
Measuring hypoxia-induced mRNA in maternal blood to detect fetal hypoxia in-utero
Benchmarking of interventions and birth outcomes for selected primiparas giving birth in Women's Hospitals Australasia (WHA) member hospitals
Outpatient Foley catheter versus inpatient Prostin gel for cervical ripening: the FOG (Foley or Gel) trial
Satisfaction survey: outpatient Foley catheter versus inpatient Prostin gel for cervical ripening
A prospective study of outpatient Intrauterine device insertion in women with and without a history of a previous vaginal delivery
Anatomic and functional outcomes of vaginal prolapse surgery using non-anchored mesh and a vaginal support device at 1 year following surgery