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Natural childbirth ideology is endangering women and babies
Every caesarean section must count
Outcomes of breech birth by mode of delivery
Knowledge, advice and attitudes toward women driving a car after caesarean section or hysterectomy
Gestational hypertensive disease in twin pregnancy
Knowledge and beliefs about nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy in women from South Auckland region, New Zealand
Intrauterine anaesthetic after hysteroscopy to reduce post‐operative pain – A double blind randomised controlled trial
Optimising recovery after surgery
Simulation training in obstetrics and gynaecology
Subjective outcome of 166 tension‐free vaginal tape procedures performed by a single surgeon
Clinicopathological study of ovarian carcinoid tumours
Single embryo transfer for all?
Diagnostic laparoscopy in pre‐surgical planning for higher stage endometriosis
How do women seeking abortion choose between surgical and medical abortion? Perspectives from abortion service providers
Fasting target for hyperglycaemia in pregnancy
Maternal ethnicity, stillbirth and neonatal death risk in Western Australia 1998–2010
The changing birth suite experience for Australian medical students
Has the twin rate after in vitro fertilisation really decreased in Australia?
Inferior epigastric artery