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Table of Contents
Compensated surrogacy – What do Australians think?
Antenatal pertussis vaccination : Are we implementing best evidence into practice?
Response to ‘Every CS must count’
Response to ‘Natural childbirth ideology is endangering women and babies’
For love or money? Australian attitudes to financially compensated (commercial) surrogacy
Contribution of changing risk factors to the trend in breech presentation at term
Is neonatal head circumference related to caesarean section for failure to progress?
Combined Foley's catheter with vaginal misoprostol for pre‐induction cervical ripening : A randomised controlled trial
Referral of patients for pre‐implantation genetic diagnosis : A survey of obstetricians
Red blood cell transfusion after postpartum haemorrhage and breastmilk feeding at discharge : A population‐based study
Consanguinity and associated perinatal outcomes, including stillbirth
Experiences of prenatal diagnosis and decision‐making about termination of pregnancy : A qualitative study
Review of peripartum hysterectomy rates at a tertiary Australian hospital
The effectiveness of the levonorgestrel intrauterine system in obese women with heavy menstrual bleeding
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome : A case control study investigating risk factors
Objective efficacy of the tension‐free vaginal tape in obese/morbidly obese women versus non‐obese women, at median five year follow up
Changing patterns of referrals and outcomes of genetic participation in gynaecological‐oncology multidisciplinary care
Timing and patterns of recurrence in epithelial ovarian cancer patients with no gross residual disease after primary debulking surgery
‘…a one stop shop in their own community’ : Medical abortion and the role of general practice
User characteristics, experiences and continuation rates of copper intrauterine device use in a cohort of Australian women
Perimortem caesarean section : Two cases performed in New Zealand hospitals