Public health and the festive season
Public health – moving forward
Australia and New Zealand's contribution to Pacific Island health worker brain drain
Overseas-trained doctors in Indigenous rural health services : negotiating professional relationships across cultural domains
Geographical access to termination of pregnancy services in New Zealand
The commercial food landscape : outdoor food advertising around primary schools in Australia
The Deployment Health Surveillance Program : vision and challenges of health surveillance for Australian military cohorts
Reliability and validity of a modified self-administered version of the Active Australia physical activity survey in a sample of mid-age women
Estimating equations to correct self-reported height and weight : implications for prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australia
Mapping solutions to obesity : lessons from the Human Genome Project
Prison health and public health responses at a regional prison in Western Australia
An assessment of the effectiveness of the Tiwi Sexual Health Program 2002–2005
Response to an indigenous smoking cessation media campaign – It's about whānau
Years of life lived with and without dementia in Australia, 2004–2006 : a population health measure
Transitions in work participation after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer
Hepatitis B prevalence and prevention : antenatal screening and protection of infants at risk in the Northern Territory
Why nurse practitioners and dental therapists are necessary for rural and remote Australia as well as suburban practices and A&E units
Developing future injury prevention research leaders – in support of ‘mentoring‘
Tobias et al. on the decline of CHD mortality in New Zealand
Response to O'Donnell et al. on preventing child abuse and neglect with public health principles
Both acute and chronic cardiovascular conditions show seasonality : the need of looking beyond conventional risk factors
To whom does ‘public health’ belong when it comes to ‘waterpipe’ smoking?
White Christ Black Cross. The emergence of a black church
Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention
Improving Healthcare Team Communication : Building on Lessons from Aviation and Aerospace
Cultures of caregiving : Conflict and common ground among Families, Health Professional, and Policy Makers
Unequal Lives : Health and socio-economic inequalities
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