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‘Blue Sky’ epidemiology: definition, examples and a plea for understanding
Tuberculosis in the Australian Indigenous population: history, current situation and future challenges
Leprosy control, public health paradigms and stigma
The linguistic demography of Australians living with chronic hepatitis B
Chronic hepatitis B surveillance in Victoria, 1998–2008: instituting a 21st Century approach to an old disease
Prevalence of chronic hepatitis B in South Western Sydney: evaluation of the country of birth method using maternal seroprevalence data
Life-threatening cellulitis after traditional Samoan tattooing
Ethnic and Indigenous access to early childhood healthcare services in Australia: parents' perceived unmet needs and related barriers
Smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity interventions targeting Indigenous Australians: rigorous evaluations and new directions needed
A review of the barriers preventing Indigenous Health Workers delivering tobacco interventions to their communities
Moving urban trips from cars to bicycles: impact on health and emissions
Equity of colorectal cancer screening: cross-sectional analysis of National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data for South Australia
Framing responsibility: coverage of lung cancer among smokers and non-smokers in Australian television news
Price discounting of cigarettes in milk bars near secondary schools occurs more frequently in areas with greater socioeconomic disadvantage
Squeezing new life out of an old Sponge : how to modernise an anti-smoking media campaign to capture a new market
Strong smoker interest in ‘setting an example to children’ by quitting: national survey data
Funding for child obesity prevention in Australia
Response from NHMRC:
Authors' response
Engaging adolescents and young adults in a longitudinal health study: experience from the Top End cohort
Validity of dental screening questions in an Indigenous young adult population
Sugar consumption from beverages and the potential effects of a text-based information label
Resending a consent form and information package to non-responders increases school-based consent return rate
Hepatitis B immunisation leads to the decline of hepatitis B virus prevalence in Gansu province, China
Impact of Swine Flu education on coughing in the doctor's face during examination
Road safety attitudes and opinions of newly licensed Māori car drivers: New Zealand Drivers Study
Alcohol restrictions and STIs: is there a link?
Uncertainty and Risk: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Let sleeping dogs lie? What men should know before getting tested for prostate cancer
Health Promotion in Medical Education: from rhetoric to action
Patient, the Public and Priorities in Healthcare
A Child in Pain: What Health Professionals Can Do to Help