Farewell, eventful year, forsooth Noel
Public health and the promise of free trade
Using the commons to facilitate health communication
Highlights in this Issue
Acculturation status has a modest effect on smoking prevalence among a cohort of Pacific fathers in New Zealand
Community screening for cardiovascular risk factors and levels of treatment in a rural Māori cohort
Factor analysis shows association between family activity environment and children's health behaviour
Parental behaviours, but not parental smoking, influence current smoking and smoking susceptibility among 14 and 15 year-old children
Recommendations by Queensland GPs to be more physically active: which patients were recommended which activities and what action they took
Using linkage between hospital and ABS mortality data to enhance reporting of deaths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Challenges in comparing the methods and findings of cohort studies of oral health: the Dunedin (New Zealand) and Pelotas (Brazil) studies
Validity of self-reported height and weight and derived body mass index in middle-aged and elderly individuals in Australia
Psychosocial job adversity and health in Australia: analysis of data from the HILDA Survey
In praise of inequality?‘Happy Planet’ performance and its determinants
Promoting stair climbing: the importance of consistent practice when conducting and reviewing interventions
Health status of Thai migrants in Brisbane: findings from a cross-sectional investigation
Uncertainty and variability in influenza cost-effectiveness models
Uncertainty and variability in influenza cost-effectiveness models
Wind, dust dispersal and risk of contamination at Alice Springs
Cyclone Yasi: a Cairns Base Hospital experience
Improved iodine status in breastfeeding women following mandatory fortification
Rise in bicycle-related injury hospitalisation rates in middle-aged adults, 2000–09
Validity of claims in a disclaimer
Response to: A complex Aboriginal health project and the challenges for evaluation
Loneliness and social isolation among older people: the views of community organisations and groups
The medicine of the future: a history of the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago, 1886 – 2011
Bridging the ‘know-do’ gap. Knowledge brokering to improve child well-being
Improving Health Care Safety and Quality: Reluctant Regulators
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