Responsibility and ethics in publishing for editors and authors
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Red band
Influencing land use planning: making the most of opportunities to work upstream
Strengthening public health engagement in trade policy: PHAA's policy on Trade Agreements and Health
Comparing electronic and paper surveys
A public health approach to bereavement support services in palliative care
The long-term decline of adult tobacco use in Victoria: changes in smoking initiation and quitting over a quarter of a century of tobacco control
National trends in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking and quitting, 1994–2008
Investigating the use of social media to help women from going back to smoking post-partum
Alcohol consumption and intoxication among people involved in police-recorded incidents of violence and disorder in non-metropolitan New South Wales
The social gradient of alcohol availability in Victoria, Australia
Close proximity to alcohol outlets is associated with increased serious violent crime in New Zealand
Implementation of effective alcohol control strategies is needed at large sports and entertainment events
Factors that enable and hinder the implementation of projects in the alcohol and other drug field
Description of comprehensive dental services supported by the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme in the first 23 months of operation
Falling through the cracks: the gap between evidence and policy in responding to depression in gay, lesbian and other homosexually active people in Australia
Key opportunities for sodium reduction in New Zealand processed foods
Vaccination, public health and national security
Children and adolescent exposure to alcohol advertising during Bathurst 1000
Responses to ‘From Norm to Eric’
$870 million budget covers whole National Partnership
Response from author
Addressing alcohol use in community sports clubs: attitudes of club representatives
Chest trauma in Far North Queensland: alcohol management can make a difference
Is this really an ethical evaluation of HPV vaccination policy in Australia?
Reforming Healthcare Systems
Hearing the Person with Dementia: Person-centred approaches to communication for families and caregivers