Highlights in this Issue
Help yourself by helping us: responding to reviewers’ comments
Writing an abstract: window to the world on your work
What drove us to drink 2 litres of water a day?
The need to evaluate public health reforms: Australian perinatal mental health initiatives
Hospital-activity data inaccurate for determining spread-of-disease at diagnosis for non-small cell lung cancer
Differential loss of participants does not necessarily cause selection bias
Capture-recapture using multiple data sources: estimating the prevalence of diabetes
Geographic Information Systems used to describe the link between the risk of Ross River virus infection and proximity to the Leschenault estuary, WA
Most Australians do not meet recommendations for dairy consumption: findings of a new technique to analyse nutrition surveys
The cost-effectiveness of falls prevention interventions for older community-dwelling Australians
Paid parental leave supports breastfeeding and mother-infant relationship: a prospective investigation of maternal postpartum employment
Diabetic retinopathy screening in New Zealand requires improvement: results from a multi-centre audit
A ‘whole of system’ approach to compare options for CVD interventions in Counties Manukau
A bibliometric analysis of research on Indigenous health in Australia, 1972–2008
Increased mortality among Indigenous persons during and after release from prison in New South Wales
Can we count? Enumerating births in two remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory
South Australian four-year-old Aboriginal children: residence and socioeconomic status influence weight
Loose tobacco, ethnicity, income and rurality
Healthy organisations are associated with healthy employees: results of a cross-sectional study
Ecologic fallacy and the social ecology of circumcision
Support for vulnerable people during heat waves: a response to Stuart et al.
Acceptability of proactive telephone recruitment to a telephone support service to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and weight loss
Student Aboriginal health worker smoking: findings from a training college in Western Australia
Dental caries and dental fluorosis in children on the NSW Central Coast: a cross-sectional study of fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas