The plain facts about tobacco's future
Highlights in this Issue
Strong public support for plain packaging of tobacco products
Analysis of national data shows mixed evidence of hardening among Australian smokers
Access to cigarettes by young New Zealand smokers: little change from 2000 to 2008
Folate status and socio-demographic predictors of folate status, among a national cohort of women aged 26–36 in Australia, 2004–2006
The case for improving road safety in Pacific Islands: a population-based study from Fiji (TRIP 6)
Decreasing length of maternal hospital stay is not associated with increased readmission rates
Earlier translation of evidence into public subsidy may prevent morbidity and mortality: an example using statins in diabetics with normal cholesterol levels
Competing risk analysis of mortality from invasive cutaneous melanoma in New South Wales: a population-based study, 1988–2007
Submissions to the Australian and New Zealand Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy support traffic light nutrition labelling
Empirical evidence suggests adverse climate events have not affected Australian women's health and well-being
New directions in health care and disability: the need for a shared understanding of human functioning
The burden of insomnia on individual function and healthcare consumption in Australia
School and individual-level characteristics are associated with children's moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity during school recess
Videoconferencing could reduce the number of mental health patients transferred from outlying facilities to a regional mental health unit
Increased prevalence of chronic physical health disorders in Australians with diagnosed mental illness
Anti-depressant use during pregnancy in Australia: findings from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children
Majority rule for assigning Aboriginality in linked hospital data
Letter to the Editor from Australian Red Cross
Assessment of infant mattress firmness: a do-it-yourself safety test to reduce the risk of asphyxiation
Conventionally accepted risk factors do not explain higher rates of middle ear disease in remote Indigenous children: an ecological study
Response to folic acid article
Response to folic acid article
Serving-size information on nutrition labels in Australia
Paediatric influenza vaccination program suspension: effect on childhood vaccine uptake
A refreshing poison: one-quarter of young New Zealand smokers choose menthol
Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition
Global Tuberculosis Control: WHO Report 2011