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Population norms for the AQoL derived from the 2007 Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Australian health-related quality of life population norms derived from the SF-6D
The SF-36v2 and SF-12v2 health surveys in New Zealand: norms, scoring coefficients and cross-country comparisons
Opposing socioeconomic gradients in overweight and obese adults
Time use clusters of New Zealand adolescents are associated with weight status, diet and ethnicity
Dental care provision by students on a remote rural clinical placement
Students and their parental attitudes toward the education of children affected by HIV/AIDS: a cross-sectional study in AIDS prevalent rural areas, China
Widening inequality in extreme macrosomia between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations of Québec, Canada
Seven-year trends in sun protection and sunburn among Australian adolescents and adults
Wearing long pants while working outdoors in the tropics does not yield higher body temperatures
Excessive alcohol use and its association with risky sexual behaviour: a cross-sectional analysis of data from Victorian secondary school students
Higher energy prices are associated with diminished resources, performance and safety in Australian ambulance systems
Heart disease in women in remote Australia: urban-rural differences after adjusting for lifestyle behaviours and socio-demographic factors
Telephone surveys provide reliable information on risk behaviours and health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Associations between discrimination and dental visiting behaviours in an Aboriginal Australian birth cohort
Nationally consistent spectacle supply for Indigenous Australians
Here we go again: cider's turn to highlight anomalies in Australia's alcohol taxation system
Evidence-Based Healthcare in Context: Critical Social Science Perspectives
Public Health for an Aging Society