Reducing research waste and improving research impact
The NHMRC Road Map ‘benchmark’ principles: a formal evaluation process is needed to improve their application
Health literacy and the Internet: a study on the readability of Australian online health information
A robust estimate of the number and characteristics of persons released from prison in Australia
Data linkage capabilities in Australia: practical issues identified by a Population Health Research Network ‘Proof of Concept project’
Measuring HPV vaccination coverage in Australia: comparing two alternative population-based denominators
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Noncommunicable diseases and risk factors in adult populations of several Pacific Islands: results from the WHO STEPwise approach to surveillance
Food security among asylum seekers in Melbourne
Is something better than nothing? Food insecurity and eating patterns of young people experiencing homelessness
Consumer support for healthy food and drink vending machines in public places
Still serving hot soup? Two hundred years of a charitable food sector in Australia: a narrative review
The timing of solid introduction in an ‘obesogenic’ environment: a narrative review of the evidence and methodological issues
Likelihood of residential aged care use in later life: a simple approach to estimation with international comparison
Incidence and characteristics of vitamin D deficiency rickets in New Zealand children: a New Zealand Paediatric Surveillance Unit study
What New Zealanders find important to their quality of life: comparisons with international WHOQOL data from 14 other countries
Dietary protein intake may reduce hospitalisation due to infection in Māori of advanced age: LiLACS NZ
Teething and sleep difficulties: findings from the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children
Substance use interventions for people with intellectual disability transitioning out of prison
The New Public Health (3rd edition)