Special Issue Mental Health : occupational therapy practice, education, and research
My dinner with John
Use of time in childhood and adolescence : A literature review on the nature of activity participation and depression
The Occupational Performance History Interview in community mental health case management : Consumer and occupational therapist perspectives
Inpatients' perspectives of occupational therapy in acute mental health
The association between leisure motivation and recovery : A pilot study
The effect of first year mental health fieldwork on attitudes of occupational therapy students towards people with mental illness
Interrater reliability of the Social Profile : Assessment of community and psychiatric group participation
Satisfaction with Daily Occupations : Construct validity and test–retest reliability of a screening tool for people with mental health disorders
What is the occupational therapy role in enabling mental health consumer participation in volunteer work?
Older consumers' participation in the planning and delivery of mental health care : A collaborative service development project
Helping adults with schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder stop smoking resulted in positive short-term health benefits
Young people recovering from early psychosis valued support from other young people who had also experienced psychosis
Day and supported accommodation services are valued by people with enduring mental illness but could be further improved by empowering users and providing access to meaningful occupations
The benefits and harms of art therapy for people with schizophrenia and schizophrenia-like illnesses remain unclear
Supervision for occupational therapists
Re : Response to Critically Appraised Paper, ‘An energy conservation course decreased fatigue impact and increased some aspects of quality of life at 6 weeks for persons with multiple sclerosis’
Psychosis in the elderly
The occupational careers of men living with HIV infection in the United Kingdom : Insights into engaging in and orchestrating occupations