Taking charge of change: A new career structure in physiotherapy
Efficacy of "therapist-selected" versus "randomly selected" mobilisation techniques for the treatment of low back pain: A randomised controlled trial
Factors related to thumb pain in physiotherapists
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The threat of predictable and unpredictable pain: Differential effects on central nervous system processing?
Neonatal respiratory therapy in the new millennium: Does clinical practice reflect scientific evidence?
Editor resigns
Apparent effects of massage could be due to positioning. (Comment on van den Dolder and Roberts, Australian Journal of Physiotherapy 49: 183-188.)
Dynamic neck muscle training or relaxation does not improve chronic neck pain
Community-based rehabilitation improves function of patients with traumatic brain injury
Treadmill training and/or body weight support may not improve walking ability following stroke
Stroke Rehabilitation: Guidelines for Exercise and Training to Optimise Motor Skill
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