Specialisation in physiotherapy : A mark of maturity
Head-down tilt and manual hyperinflation enhance sputum clearance in patients who are intubated and ventilated
Do within-session changes in pain intensity and range of motion predict between-session changes in patients with low back pain?
Does pre-operative physiotherapy improve outcomes from lower limb joint replacement surgery? A systematic review
A behavioural treatment for chronic shoulder complaints : Concepts, development, and study design
Respiratory muscle performance as a possible determinant of exercise capacity in patients with ankylosing spondylitis
The effect on expiratory flow rate of maintaining bag compression during manual hyperinflation
Standing with assistance of a tilt table in intensive care : A survey of Australian physiotherapy practice
Canadian C-spine rules require validation and appropriate application
Shoulder massage study could be extended and refined. (Response to Vincenzino W, Australian Journal of Physiotherapy 49: 275.)
Career structure and social structure
Cervical endplay assessment does not improve the efficacy of cervical manipulation
Acute low back pain improves rapidly, however recovery is not complete and recurrence is common
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