Complementary research paradigms
Active cycle of breathing techniques in non-invasive ventilation for acute hypercapnic respiratory failure
A randomised clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of physiotherapy after rotator cuff repair
Inter-tester reliability of a new diagnostic classification system for patients with non-specific low back pain
Physiological responses to the early mobilisation of the intubated, ventilated abdominal surgery patient
Australian physiotherapists and mandatory notification of child abuse : Legislation and practice
Use of anti-pronation taping to assess suitability of orthotic prescription : Case report
Spinal manipulative therapy for low back pain is effective only when compared to sham or ineffective treatments
A negative result on the Ottawa knee rules excludes fracture in patients with acute knee injury
Exercise improves self-esteem in children and young people
Home exercise reduces pain and improves function in construction workers with shoulder pain
Optimizing Exercise and Physical Activity in Older People
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