The end of physiotherapy
A Saturday physiotherapy service may decrease length of stay in patients undergoing rehabilitation in hospital : a randomised controlled trial
Treadmill walking with body weight support is no more effective than cycling when added to an exercise program for lumbar spinal stenosis : a randomised controlled trial
Warm-up reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness but cool-down does not : a randomised controlled trial
Sitting training early after stroke improves sitting ability and quality and carries over to standing up but not to walking : a randomised controlled trial
Additional exercise does not change hospital or patient outcomes in older medical patients : a controlled clinical trial
Most people with rheumatoid arthritis undertake leisure-time physical activity and exercise in the Netherlands : an observational study
The physiotherapy workforce is ageing, becoming more masculinised, and is working longer hours : a demographic study
Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation improves the outcomes of helmet ventilation
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