Qualitative research is evidence, too
Correction to Volume 53 No 3
Short-term effects on outcomes related to the mechanism of intervention and physiological outcomes but insufficient evidence of clinical benefits for breathing control
A predominantly home-based progressive resistance exercise program increases knee extensor strength in the short-term in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Four weeks of daily stretch has little or no effect on wrist contracture after stroke
Cyclic pneumatic soft-tissue compression enhances recovery following fracture of the distal radius
Trunk stabilisation exercises reduce sternal separation in chronic sternal instability after cardiac surgery
Physiotherapy decision making in acute cardiorespiratory care is influenced by factors related to the physiotherapist and the nature and context of the decision
Clinical prediction rules can be derived and validated for injured Australian workers with persistent musculoskeletal pain
Physiotherapy intervention in intensive care is safe
Clinical networks - bridging the research-quality chasm
Cueing training in the home improves mobility in Parkinson's disease
Combination of exercise and advice was slightly better than placebo for subacute low back pain
Neuromuscular training optimises knee function after arthroscopic ACL reconstruction
Resistance exercise training improves strength and quality of life in patients undergoing haemodialysis
Physical diagnostic tests for assessing ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament
Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS)
Parkinson's disease
Acute pain
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