Telerehabilitation : a coming of age
Females with patellofemoral pain syndrome have weak hip muscles : a systematic review
Passive mobilisation of shoulder region joints plus advice and exercise does not reduce pain and disability more than advice and exercise alone : a randomised trial
No difference between home-based strength training and home-based balance training on pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis : a randomised trial
Pain and dorsiflexion range of motion predict short-and medium-term activity limitation in people receiving physiotherapy intervention after ankle fracture : an observational study
Large variations in walking, standing up from a chair, and balance in women and men over 85 years : an observational study
The self-reported aggravating activities of people with chronic non-specific low back pain do not involve consistent directions of spinal movement : an observational study
Individuals with chronic low back pain have a lower level, and an altered pattern, of physical activity compared with matched controls : an observational study
Pulmonary rehabilitation can be equally effective in hospital and home settings
Electrical stimulation is a useful adjunct in the management of urinary incontinence in people with multiple sclerosis
Endurance and strength training have different benefits for people with peripheral arterial disease, but both improve quality of life
Restriction of the range of arm elevation exercises for one week after surgery for breast cancer can reduce the incidence of lymphoedema
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