Issue Information ‐ TOC
Introduction to the Special Issue Recent Developments in Professional Supervision : Challenges and Practice Implications
Competency‐based Clinical Supervision : Status, Opportunities, Tensions, and the Future
The Supervision Evaluation and Supervisory Competence Scale : Psychometric Validation
A Framework to Support Experiential Learning and Psychological Flexibility in Supervision : SHAPE
Predicting Supervision Outcomes : What is Different about Psychological Assessment Supervision?
Addressing Professional Competency Problems in Clinical Psychology Trainees
Brief Online Training with Standardised Vignettes Reduces Inflated Supervisor Ratings of Trainee Practitioner Competencies
Barriers to Provision of External Clinical Psychology Student Placements
Is Supervisor Training Effective? A Pilot Investigation of Clinical Supervisor Training Program
Preliminary Exploration of Psychologists’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Electronic Security and Implications for Use of Technology‐Assisted Supervision